Text Messaging from IRC (Irssi)

DeskSMS (Market Link) is a new Android application which allows people to send and receive text messages via Gmail, Gtalk, and even inside a fancy web interface. It was primarily advertised as being an application for tablet users which would forward text messages from your phone, but turned into so much more. They are now recognizing… Read More »


Last weekend a couple of the Linode guys and I went up to Philadelphia for FOSSCON 2011. We all love using Free and Open Source software, so the conference seemed like a great thing to support. I absolutely love going to conferences because it’s a great place for seeing what others are doing, as well… Read More »

Kitchen Computer

During Newegg’s Black Friday sale they had a barebones bookshelf computer for sale and I thought it would be perfect for a kitchen computer. This would give us the opportunity to look up recipes, listen to music, and browse the web while we are in the kitchen cooking or relaxing. The one that was for… Read More »

UPS Battery Malfunction

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of being woken up by a UPS battery overheating and exploding a few feet away. Emitting a wonderful smell into the air (mixed with hydrogen?) that makes you want to gag. Started tearing down the UPS and was greeted by this lovely crack: The battery was extremely hot to… Read More »

Homemade White Board Cleaner

Now that finals are over, I can finally start getting back to my more creative and educational projects. Today, I decided to be cheap and make my own white board cleaner instead of going out and buying one. I found an old bottle of Chloraseptic mouth wash in my closet and decided it would be perfect as a… Read More »

Constructing Your Future: A Blueprint for Success Conference

This weekend, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey hosted a conference on a variety of topics including career planning, financial management, communication & improving relationships, eating well on a budget, and more. They also had a free breakfast in N-Wing which was surprisingly tasty. I posted about it on the Dead Coder Society and… Read More »

Red Ribbon Run

Cape Assist’s Red Ribbon Run was Today and since we sponsored the run, we decided to participate as well. The Red Ribbon event is to promote Drug Awareness Day in New Jersey. It was a pretty cold morning on the boardwalk in Ocean City, but it was nice and warm once we started running. They put… Read More »

Presents? For me?

Oy what’s this? A stranded packaged on my doorstep? SSD! So after putting SSDs in the Desktop (ok two…), and in the Server, the next logical step is the laptop! Not bad looking either… 120GB of fun. Installed in its new home. 64 bit(s) of fun. Profit! Some tech info… Sequential Access – Read: up… Read More »

philly.NET Code Camp 2010.2

I went to the philly.NET Code Camp at DeVry University today and it was great! They had a lot of differently courses which ran simultaneously and made it difficult to decide which classes to attend. They even had a good breakfast with tons of coffee, PrimoHoagies for lunch, and an after hours party at the Brick House.… Read More »