Homemade White Board Cleaner

By | December 10, 2010

Now that finals are over, I can finally start getting back to my more creative and educational projects.

Today, I decided to be cheap and make my own white board cleaner instead of going out and buying one. I found an old bottle of Chloraseptic mouth wash in my closet and decided it would be perfect as a container. It even comes with a similar spray nozzle to the real stuff, as well as a clear cap to go on top. I cut up some mailing labels that I had and double layered the bottle and wrote “Whiteboard Cleaning Spray” on it. For ingredients, I decided to go with Isopropyl Alcohol 91% and Water in 60/40 proportions.

The end result:

Whiteboard Cleaner

Update: Just did a full wash down of the board with it, seemed to work pretty well.

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